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GoDaddy Promo Code, iPhone Apps and More Gift Ideas for Dad.

Seven Great Presents for Dad

Sometimes dads are a little tricky when it comes to deciding on just the right gift to give them on Father’s Day. Here are some suggestions that may strike a note with you or, perhaps, give you a good idea for something else your dad might enjoy getting. Take a look!


  1. GoDaddy Coupon Codes

What? Bear with us: like most Dads, he probably harbours some desire to start his own business, write a book, or do something really cool (if he isn’t already, that is!). If you go search on websites for a godaddy promo code, then you can write them down, wrap them in a box, and then write a heart-felt note about how you want them to go after their dreams. Pretty good idea, right? You can also search for a godaddy coupon code on this website as well (if the first one doesn’t work out for whatever reason). Then, they can create a website with GoDaddy, whether it’s a business blog or an author website.
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2. Barbecue Grill (A Classic).

One of the directions some people take is the barbecue grill. The assumption is that most dads like to cook out on the grill. Whether fathers like to grill is up for discussion, but it’s true there are lots of guys out there who consider themselves grill masters. If your dad is one of these, he might just love getting the Sriracha Cha Cha Gift Set. It includes Sriracha-infused bacon, popcorn, a jar of Sriracha Jam, Sriracha Cheddar Cheesy Puffs, and two different types of Sriracha sauces that are excellent for grilled food. It’s $57.50, well worth the money, and is for sale on

3. Tools (Another classic).

Another go-to gift for fathers is a tool of some sort. This gift is even better if the tool is several tools in one. That’s why the Sheffield 12913 Premium 14-in-1 Hammer Tool on Amazon is such a unique find. It weighs only 11 ounces and measures 5 1/4″ overall but includes a hammer, screwdrivers, a knife, pliers, a serrated blade, wire cutters, wire stripper, a can opener and a key holder, and a file. The maker is the Great Neck Saw Manufacturer that has been in business for over 80 years. Dads will love this brilliant tool. It costs a mere $13.00.

4. BirchBox Subscriptionx

For dads who are hard to buy for, how about the Birch Box subscription for men? This box is sent monthly for as many months as you wish for $20 a month, or for six months at $110 and has various grooming products handpicked for the type of dad you have. Even guys think getting a present every month is a fun idea.

5. A Valet

Every gentleman needs a valet, especially this Oak Nightstand Valet, found on Etsy, that can rest on his bedside table and hold his phone, glasses, watch, and activity tracker. The stand can be made to order in several wood choices, and monograms are available, too, in three different fonts. The valet is $40.

6. A Wallet iPhone Case

Cool dads will be so excited to receive an iPhone case that is also a wallet. This holder is a convenience that any fellow would be happy to have. The wallet holds cash, credit cards, and driver’s license. The authentic brown leather will become softer and more supple over time and will, eventually, take on a vintage vibe. The case/wallet is currently $24.

7. A Bike Helmet

If your dad is a bike rider, he needs a good helmet. has a helmet that is foldable and costs $140. Made in Spain, this helmet is just right for the urban cyclist because it is fully collapsible, making it easy to store in a backpack or briefcase. It is covered by European, Asian and US safety standards and has a hidden ventilation system to keep his head cool. A multi-size stretchy system ensures the helmet will fit all sizes of heads and guarantees comfort for all wearers. An NFC chip connects the headgear to your smartphone.

Amaze your father by giving him a gift he will like. He will, without a doubt, be surprised.


How Hostpapa Coupon Codes Will Convert a Website into an App.

At present, the usage of smart phones and tablets has become extremely popular across the globe and it can be rightly asserted that we are living in a world which is dominated by mobile devices. Consequently, it is imperative to focus on the different alternatives of converting a website into a mobile app provided you have a site of your own.

How Hostpapa Coupon Codes Fit Into This:

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In this post, we will throw some light on how to convert your website into an app.

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Steps for converting your site into an Android app

Here we will be discussing the conversion procedure. Even if you don’t know much about programming, you must be aware of the fact that there are lots of resources which can turn your site into an app. You can always take the help of experienced software developers in case you would like to have a robust app. But what will the developers do for accomplishing the job? Here are the subsequent steps that should be taken with them:

1. Functionality of the website

First of all, these programmers must understand exactly how the app is going to look and also what will be performed by it and they can do this by listing all the basic features of the website. Here it should be mentioned that the app will never be the same as the website and there will be several website features which are going to differ from that of the app.

2. Estimate of the development expenditure

It will be possible to summarize exactly how much the app development expenditure is going to be and also how to make an app from a website successfully simply by taking into account several integrated features as well as their complexity.

3. User story

The user story intended for the developers has to be written by the project manager. But what is a user story? It is actually a comprehensive list of features which will enable the developers to fix many crucial problems prior to commencing coding. It is important for them to look for the best alternatives regarding implementing the required functionality.

4. UI/UX layout

It is the responsibility of the designer to generate optimum user experience for the mobile app along with a fantastic interface which should attract all the future users. Although the color background and color spectrum can be identical as that of the site, it is important to develop the design according to the particularities of the mobile gadgets as well as the mobile platform. It is possible that you have no idea of converting a website into an app and in that case, it will be a smart decision to employ experienced designers to assist you.

5. Development procedure

In this case, high level of expertise is going to be applied by the developers. Besides taking the help of the Android Studio, they also should apply other technologies in order to perform impeccable app development for you.

We like to conclude this post by mentioning that the communication with server and database is not going to be the same on the mobile app and the website. One must be aware of this fact while making an app from any website. Also, the structure of the app is going to differ from that of the site – it is not possible for the app to connect to the database directly whereas, in the other scheme, the communication between the app and database is going to be performed by the server.

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Google Coupon Codes and Website Optimization

The way people browse the internet is changing from desktop computers to mobile devices. In fact, there are now over a billion mobile web users, and this number is growing fast. Unfortunately, many websites are still designed only for desktop browsers. This means that a lot of sites will not display properly on mobile devices. If visitors can’t properly view your site to read its content, they will probably end up visiting one of your competitor’s online. Therefore, you must optimize your site for mobile searches, so all visitors can read your content. 

There are a myriad of ways to help you make your website mobile-friendly. Most hosting providers, which of course offer a great set of godaddy renewal coupon codes for end-users, will provide a mobile-friendly website builder. If you choose to use an application like WordPress or Joomla, there are thousands of free themes available that are ‘responsive’: meaning they conform to the screen of each of your website’s visitors. These are free, although there are some very good, high-quality paid themes available as well. These can be expensive, but keep in mind that there are always lots of cool godaddy coupons out there to help you save money.

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The first step to optimize your site for mobile searches is to make sure that all devices will be able to view your site. Screen sizes vary with different devices. Therefore, you can’t design your web pages to fit one specific screen size. A good mobile-friendly site design is flexible. That way your site’s display will be able to adapt to any screen size. A web programmer will be able to test how your site looks on different screen sizes.

Functionality is key when creating a user-friendly site. Functionality is also key for mobile-friendly sites. Users want to browse your site with ease. You don’t want visitors to have any difficulty locating different web pages and finding their desired content. If your mobile site isn’t functional, visitors might not get to see all of your content. Also, your site needs to load quickly on a mobile device. If visitors have to wait too long for your pages to load, they might leave your site.

When desktop users visit your site, they are most likely using a standard keyboard and mouse. However, most mobile users will be using touchscreens. Therefore, mobile technology changes how visitors access and interact with your site. You don’t want visitors tapping web links that won’t open for them. Instead, design your web pages and links so mobile users can open them with a tap on their touchscreen. You also must make sure that links are easily recognizable, so users will know to tap on them.

Finally, content is the most important thing on any site. The entire point of a site is to share content with visitors. Therefore, you don’t want to hide any of your content from mobile visitors (like some sites do). Offering mobile visitors a watered-down version of your content will undercut the message you are trying to communicate to them.  Instead, design a layout that is adaptable, so that all of your content is available to all of your visitors. You will want to test how your content looks on mobile screens to make sure it’s user-friendly.

In short, webmasters must focus on optimizing their sites for mobile searches. This is because most web searches now come from mobile devices. If your site isn’t compatible with mobile technology, you will be unable to able to reach many web users. Hiring a professional web programmer to make your web content mobile friendly is a good investment. A programmer will be able to test how your site looks on different screen sizes, making sure its content is available to all visitors.