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GoDaddy’s Secure-Socket Layer Promo Codes Updated For December 2023:

Take 94% Off SSL Certificates For Your First Year!

Best Deal! This is a limited time offer: use this promo code to save 94% off a standard ssl certificate for your first year.

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Save 35% Off All New Products (Including SSL Certificates)

Even though offers coupon codes specifically for SSL certificates, they don't save you as much as this site-wide promo code, which will save you 35% off the regular price.

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Save 20% Off All SSL Certificates

This promo code will save you 20% off the regular price for SSL, but the 20% discount only kicks in if you buy it for 2 years. If you only buy 1-year, then the discount is 10%.

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Canadian Customers Promotional Offer: Buy an SSL Certificate For Just $1 Per Month!

Pay just $1 per month for an SSL certificate when you redeem this promo code. That's only $12/year! This is for Canadian customers, but if you're from the U.S., feel free to try it out and see if it works for you.

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Take 10% Off Your SSL Certificate

This is another promo code that saves you 10% off your purchase.

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34% Off Discount Code

This is a site-wide discount code you can use to take 34% off all new purchases. So if you're buying lots of different things all at once, this will save you lots.

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Save 30% Off All New Top-Level Domains (TLD's)

Registering a .ORG domain, or a .NET? This coupon will save you 30% off all new purchases at

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99 Cent .COM Sale

Register the world's popular domain extension and pay only 99 cents for your .COM domain. Limit is one per customer.

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Try The Website Builder For Free For 1 Month

GoDaddy has their own drag-and-drop website builder that you can try for free for one month when you use this promo code.

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Try's Web Hosting For One Dollar Per Month

You can sign up for GoDaddy's web hosting plan for just 1 dollar per month with this coupon. All new hosting plans come with a free domain registration as well (regular price for a domain: $14.99/year).

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50% Off All New Hosting Plans

Take 50% off all new shared hosting packages at If you're not going for the Economy hosting plan, then this is the best voucher code you can use on your hosting purchase.

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If you’re looking to renew, we have a collection of renewal promo codes here:’s SSL Certificate Review

There’s no doubt that most savvy people are concerned about their security on the internet. They want to know whether they are safe from different types of risks. One security feature that can give them ultimate assurance is the SSL certificate. As a website owner, you need to get the right SSL for your website. One of the most popular providers of SSL certificate is GoDaddy. The giant web hosting company also deals in selling these certificates. Here is a review of Godaddy’s SSL certificates.

Godaddy has been providing web hosting services since 1997, and in all these years, it has risen to be among the top internet companies in the global scene. It currently hosts millions of websites and domain names. Apart from providing its services at cheaper rates, the company also prides on giving excellent customer care services. Since we are interested in the SSL certificate, are GoDaddy’s SSL certificates worth buying?

The 3 Types of SSL Certificates

GoDaddy offers website owners three levels of SSL certificates: the Standard, Deluxe and Premium SSL certificate. All the three certificates are recognized by all the browsers and have 128-256 bit encryption level. Let’s look at the specific features that one can get at each level:

1. Standard SSL certificates

This type of SSL certificate can be used by websites that don’t have sensitive documents or data, but still require some levels of security. Such websites also don’t experience high traffic. Anyone can use this certificate as its cost does not exceed $30. It also requires minimum verification requirements. However, Standard SSL from GoDaddy can only be available on one website. The good news is that you can upgrade to a standard SSL that covers several domains.

2. Deluxe SSL Certificate

This SSL certificate is designed for a slightly bigger business or organization that needs to secure some sensitive data that are being transmitted through the website. Some of the things that can be protected by this data include credit card payment information and some other sensitive documents. The certificate has 256 encryption, and you can begin using it 2 hours after the installation. The deluxe SSL certificate also provides you with an option of upgrading.

3. Premium SSL Certificate

This SSL certificate is ideal for organizations and businesses that deal with highly sensitive data. Such websites also experience high traffic and assure customers about the security of their data. You can tell that a website is using a premium SSL certificate if its entire address bar is green rather than just having a padlock symbol.

Getting a Premium SSL certificate from GoDaddy is quite a process. You may need to verify the nature of the business by providing detailed documentation.

Unified Communication Certificates (UCC)

All the SSL certificates from GoDaddy are Unified Communication Certificates (UCC). This simply means that one certificate can be used to secure up to 100 domain names. The certificates are also compatible with Microsoft Communication Server and Microsoft Server 2007.


GoDaddy is a reputable company that has been in the internet business for quite long. It also has a good customer care team that can handle any issue regarding the certificates at any time of the day. They are also available on various platforms where you can contact them. Godaddy’s SSL certificates are worth the investment.

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