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3.8/5 - (200 votes) Promo Codes Updated For December 2023:

20% Off When Upgrading From The Free To Pro Plan!

Redeem this voucher when upgrading, and you'll save 20% off a paid plan.

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Get 20GB on a Free Account!

When you use this coupon, you can get 20GB of data on your free plan for life.

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Take 87% off the price of a yearly subscription

This is a limited time offer, but no information on when the offer expires. Get the yearly plan for just $29.99.

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Save 55% when Paying Yearly

No promo code needed, pay for a year of Windscribe VPN services up front and you will pay $4.08 per month instead of $9. That's a savings of over 50%!

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40% off of yearly subscription for Students

If you are a part of the Student Beans discount program (it's free to download the app via Google Play or the App Store) you can get 40% off the regular price of a yearly subscription, which is already discount. Your total savings will be around 75% of the monthly price!

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Get 20GB of Data per month

On the free plan from Windscribe you normally get 10GB of data, this coupon code will get you 20GB instead. Still for free!

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Remainder of the term of your current VPN for FREE

A Black Friday deal: if you switch to Windscribe from another VPN provider, they will offer you the duration of your current term with the old company for free.

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Millenium Deal: 1000 years for just $0.01/month!

Yeah, we're pretty sure this one is actually a joke. However we don't want to shell out the one-time payment of $1000 to find out! Give it a try if you want!

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Get 4GB of free data

In this promotion from Windscribe you simply have to click the 'Tweet 4 Data' button in your account to post on Twitter about Windscribe and you will get 4GB of data added to your allowance for that month for free!

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Expired Windscribe Coupon Codes

Get 60GB of data free per month

This is a promo code that you can use with Windscribe's free VPN plan which normally has a data cap of 10GB.

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Discount of up to 75% on Premium Plans

This New Year's 2018 special will save you up to 75% off the price of a premium plan when billed yearly. Enter code on pricing page to receive discount.

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A whopping 95% off

Windscribe is a brand new VPN company, and to entice new customers they are offering an insane 95% off regular price for LIFE!

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About Windscribe:

windscribe deals & VPN sales

Windscribe is a powerful VPN service that delivers more than many people would expect in many areas. It is available on multiple platforms such as Linux, Android, Mac, Windows, and iOS as well as browsers including Opera, Firefox, and chrome, among numerous others.

Where Are They Located?

The VPN is based in Richmond Hill, Canada. Windscribe is famous for its generosity with free plans. What many people don’t know is that Windscribe also offers a wide array of affordable paid plans that cater for every need out there. The VPN also prides itself in having a comprehensive set of features, with some of them standing out from the crowd in a fantastic way.

Two VPN Tiers Available

As far as pricing is concerned, Windscribe classifies it VPN offerings into two – a free tier, and a “Pro” paid tier. Just like you would expect, the free service has a data ceiling with all the paid services, featuring unlimited data – giving you an obvious motivation for getting an upgrade.

Limitations of the Free Tier

The other limitation present in the free tier is the restriction to servers in only ten countries as well as the requirement of providing an email address when setting up the account.

Benefits of the Pro Tier

  • A “Pro” tier account gives you access to all the VPNs servers in more than 50 countries. You also enjoy unlimited data, which is a good thing for people who need it for more demanding tasks than streaming media.
  • The free tier guarantees a whopping 10 GB which resets each month. This is way greater than what you get with the majority of free VPNs.
  • The free tier takes the place for a free trial version of the paid tier, which is absent at Windscribe.
  • The free tier gives prospective buyers of the paid tier a good feel of what they are missing.

How to Enter Promo Codes

Windscribe is always in search of effective ways of keeping its customers happy. For instance, besides offering its products at affordable, the VPN further avails promo codes. These promo codes are aimed at helping you make significant savings on your online purchases with Windscribe.

If you already have a promo code and are wondering how to redeem it, you can now relax. The process is straightforward and fast.

Here is how to go about it:

  1. Copy the promo code and then proceed to Windscribe’s Price Page.
  2. Select the plan that you want and then click “Have a Promo Code?” This act gives you an area to enter the promo code, paste it there, and click “Submit.”
  3. The next step entails logging into your account, for those who are already members. New customers are required to create an account before making any progress.
  4. Lastly, pay for the subscription using your preferred mode of payment. The company allows an array of payment methods ranging from PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Bitcoin, PaymentWall, and American Express.

How to Connect with Windscribe:

For support services, submit a request to the VPN. If you wish to get in touch with Windscribe for other reasons besides support, send an email to

Live Chat

Another way of connecting with the VPN is via Live Chat. Click the chat icon at the bottom on the left-hand side of the page and interact with Team Garry.

Social Media Profiles

You may also follow and interact with the VPN on their social networks, namely Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Discord.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

Windscribe encourages its customers to test its free version before paying for any subscription for commercial plans. The most significant difference between the free version and the commercial one is bandwidth limitation as well as the available servers.

Customers who are dissatisfied with the commercial service upon subscription are entitled to a full refund as long as they fulfill the following conditions:

  1. You must have bought the subscription directly from Windscribe.
  2. You must have sent your reimbursement request within three business days from the date of making payment for the subscription.
  3. The refund request must be written and sent to the company’s support desk.

A customer may request a refund without offering any explanations. Similarly, the VPN reserves the right to deny your refund request if:

  • You have violated the terms of service.
  • Three or more days have passed since you made the payment.
  • You have utilized the subscription for a global traffic volume that exceeds 10GB.

Affiliate Disclosure:

We receive a commission for purchases made through some of the links on this site.